Fur Flies at District 4 Animal Rights Debate

Last night, two candidates from district 4, NYC gathered with a plethora of animal activists and held a forum where they successfully bull*** their way through material they were clearly not caught up on.

Both candidates are impressive young women. Schachter a realist, who clearly understands more about issues that arise within the middle class than her competition.. Kronfeld, a blonde haired power house, with excellent communication skills, is a fierce competitor and will definitely give Schachter a run for her money; which is only fitting seeing as how Kronfeld’s father used to breed horses. Run Seabscuit, Run.

With the election fast approaching it is so important to hold our candidates responsible for not only our social and economic rights and justice, but animal rights as well. The two candidates voiced their opinions and passion for ending horse drawn carriages in NYC or at least making some necessary and drastic changes in the industry, finding new humane ways to trap wild animals that had wandered too far into our urban jungle, and their undying love for their “fur-babies”, as Kronfeld would say. Schachter and Kronfeld both seemed very motivated to put sincere effort into changing the horse drawn carriage industry to make it more humane, however Schachter offered up more realistic options on the situation. While Kronfeld voiced her passion on her love for dogs and vegan almond milk. It seemed to be a well agreed on term that animals deserve our respect, compassion and continued protection…even the ugly ones.

One issue that was touched on but was not given the attention it deserved was BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation. BSL is a law designed to restrict, ban and sometimes even euthanize a breed of dog based on their appearance. It is implemented among the breeds that are deemed, “ dangerous”, such as dobermans, German shepherds and the number one most exploited and abused dog, the pit bull. BSL, simply put, is canine discrimination that is built upon fear and incredibly uneducated theories about certain breeds and canine behavior. It has played a huge part in the ongoing struggle with over population within local shelters, the abundance of stray animals, the lack of desire to adopt certain breeds and the increase of unnecessary euthanasia all because of the stigma that BSL falsely reenforces.

For ages, animal rights activists have fought to eliminate these stigmas and educate the community on these highly misunderstood dogs, that are facing life threatening consequences simply because of their physical features. The BSL movement, creates a environment where local residents are not being allowed to own certain breeds of dogs and are forced to either surrender them to the local shelters or completely relocate their life, which let’s be honest, as much as we absolutely adore our dogs, how often is it that someone is financially stable enough to relocate their entire life for their dog? It’s an unfair situation that no owner should be placed in.

BSL is unacceptable and is inhumane on many levels. It is costly because owners of such breeds that BSL targets are often forced to pay a fine to house their animals, and local shelters are forced to accommodate and euthanize more dogs than necessary. Breed specific legislation is opposed by not only the CDC but by every canine welfare association as well. It was been proven time and time again that BSL doesn’t make our communities safer but quite frankly the opposite. It has lifted responsibility off the irresponsible owners and has pushed more dogs into our shelters and ultimately has resulted in the death of thousands of dogs.

Dogs are arguably one of the most important animals we have here on our earth and have undoubtably been “mans best friend” for so many years. Whether it’s a seeing eye dog, search & rescue, police dog, the canines do it all and they do it all for us. It is our responsibly to protect our four legged family members from unfair treatment, injustices and discrimination. It is my hope that whichever candidate makes it into office takes a stance against BSL and will work tirelessly to repeal regulations currently active in New York City. I highly urge the public to keep up with your candidates, hold them responsible and push them to be a voice for the voiceless. Animal cruelty and discrimination is a social issue, make no doubt about it.

So if you ever get a chance to meet with these candidates, make sure to laugh at Kronfelds broken record ‘almond milk’ jokes and let her bask in the superiority of going vegan,  humor  Schachter on how much she loves squirrels, but then make it a point to bring this issue into light, and demand that they take action to end BSL regulations.

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